#1 Choosing to be God's Woman


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Need a CD to share with a friend who doesn't know Christ? Women today have more freedom to make choices regarding themselves, their families, vocations and politics, etc., than any other generation of women before. The most important choice is to choose to know God personally.

In this CD Jennie shares her personal testimony. The story-telling technique used throughout the message will touch the hearts of old and young alike.

#2 Choosing to Trust


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This message dramatically portrays a young mother's faith. Jochebed, the mother of Moses, chose to trust God in an impossible situation. God honored her faith in a remarkable way.

So often life seems overwhelming, but this dramatic story of hope and inspiration has a lesson for each of us.

#3 Choosing to Be What God Wants Me to Be.


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What ever happened to Miriam, the sister of Moses? She was gifted, talented, and a women of influence, but ...she had a bad attitude.

In recent years many high-profile Christians, sports heros and politicians have fallen, and the effect their downfall makes on those around them is often devastating. This message encourages us to take a look at our own attitudes and actions – in the light of God's plan for our lives.

#4 Aiming to Please God


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Reach HIGH! You have a big God, and He wants to be a part of your plans. Ever wish you could really accomplish something BIG in your family, business, or ministry? Spiritual goal planning is a method of setting goals, giving them to God, and watching Him do the remarkable! Jennie shares how God used these methods to revolutionize her own ministry and secular business.

#5 Welcome Inn - Sharing Christ in Familiar Places


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Ever feel like the worn-out manager of the hotel called "Home?" In this tape Jennie challenges her audience to dedicate their physical homes to the Lord and to create an atmosphere there where both family members and guests feel the "warmth" of His presence. Take a laughter and tears look at Christian hospitality and learn how to "dish it out" with a smile!

#6 Take A Look at the Book!


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Ready for a great love story? Reach for your Bible and turn to the book of Genesis as you listen to the fascinating love story of Rebekah (the Miss America of the Old Testament) and Isaac, the son of Abraham.

When was the last time you reached for the Bible with excited anticipation? God's Word is filled with the drama, history, poetry, instruction for practical living, and much, much more. Take a look at the BOOK!

#7 Moms Can Make a Difference


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Ever wonder just how much influence you have on your children, their attitudes and actions?

Christian parenting in a secular society can sometimes seem overwhelming. This CD takes a creative look at "mothering" for Jesus' sake. It is both light-hearted and challenging – one you may want to listen to either alone or with your son or daughter.

#8 An Obedient Heart


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Have you ever been asked to fulfill a job or ministry that you simply felt unqualified for? It was too big to handle? Joshua did. The amazing thing about this remarkable man is that it didn't stop him from obeying God. The result? God accomplished more through Joshua than old Josh could ever have imagined.

In what area of your life do you need to choose to obey God today? Joshua has a lesson for us all.

#9 So What Do I Do Now?


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How can we live today so that we avoid regrets in the future? God's Word has the answer in I John 2:28 – "Abide in Him." And just what does that mean? The Christian life is an adventure, and abiding in Him involves comfort, shelter, commitment and challenge!

The last portion of this CD deals with the problems of many church women's ministry groups are dealing with today: apathy, declining attendance, a lack of leadership or funding, etc. Jennie challenges us as Christian women to evaluate our ministries, define our goals, and she dares us to ask God to revolutionize our women's groups.

#10 Circle of Friends


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The value of Christian friendship is immeasurable. This CD is both funny and heartwarming as it reminds us to represent Christ in our relationships, to celebrate these friendships and to win our non-Christian friends to the Savior.

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