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Kids' Time! Everyday Stories

10 captivating stories that will challenge kids in their everyday walk with God! With storyteller Jennie Dimkoff.

Jennie Dimkoff tells stories that touch kids' hearts.

Enhanced with music and sound effects, the stories encourage children in the areas of honesty, good stewardship, dealing with bad habits, relationships, salvation, morality and much more. (Recommended for ages 5-12)


Kids' Time presents 10 exciting stories on 2 CDs!


    • "Tara's Decision" (divorce, anger, salvation)Sleve2
    • "The TV Habit" (too much television)
    • "The New Baby" (sibling rivalry)
    • "Dirty Sheets" (obedience and family responsibility)
    • "Grandma's Song" (death of a grandparent)


    • "Nicole Learns a Lesson" (confession, forgiveness, restitution)
    • "The Pig Pen" (God's care and deliverance)
    • "Mirror, Mirror on the  Wall" (vanity vs. inner beauty)
    • "The Sock Doll" (self-worth and God's love)
    • "Caught in 'the Net'" (avoiding pornography on the Internet)

Kids' Time! Bible Stories

Five dramatic Bible stories for kids on one CD!
with storyteller Jennie Dimkoff

Storyteller Jennie Dimkoff dramatically retells stories from God's Word. Enhanced with music and sound effects, the stories come alive for the listener!


Kids' Time presents five exciting Bible stories!

  • "The Family That Trusted God"
    Bible Story: Baby Moses
    Life Lesson: God helps us with our problems.
  • "Men on the Roof" Bible Story: Four friends & a paralytic
    Life Lesson: We can bring our friends to Jesus today.
  • "Out On A Limb"
    Bible Story: Zacchaeus
    Life Lesson: Salvation; Jesus' love is unconditional.
  • "The Great Escape"
    Bible Story: Peter's escape from prison
    Life Lesson: God's protection; answered prayer.
  • "Disobedient Jonah"


    Bible Story: Jonah and the big fish
    Life Lesson: Prejudice is sin; God loves everyone.

Kids' Time is a division of Story Line Ministries.


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