Miracle on Hope Hill

Miricle on Hope

Do you believe in Miracles?  Life is full of “God moments.” Occasionally they are so spectacular we can’t miss them, but far too often we fail to recognize them in our overly busy lives. Perhaps we relegate these unexpected blessings to strokes of good fortune or simply “our due.” But when we pause to appreciate these events, instead, as glimpses of God’s great love, we discover just how ever-present and affirming he is in our lives.

Miracle on Hope Hill shows how God’s love is changing lives every day through true stories of romance, heartache, tragedy, and celebration, all with the common thread of his miraculous intervention and redemption


. What fuller lives we lead when we open ourselves to the sweet, unplanned

blessings of God.

This book was co-authored by sisters, Carol Kent and Jennie Afman Dimkoff.

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Passionate Faith

Passionate Faith, Ancient Truths for Contemporary Women Are you curious about what the Bible has to say to you personally? Biblical storyteller Jennie Afman Dimkoff invites you to "step within the pages" of ten ancient stories of faith, to experience the stories with the people who lived them, and then take a step further to study the passionate faith theme that runs through the book as it relates to the characters in each story.

This captivating book takes the stories from Jennie's original Night Whispers book and adds a ten-week Bible study for both individual, or group use. Each week covers one powerful story about the faith of the ancient character, and in-depth study, and application questions to help you become a person of passionate faith as well.

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unexpected grace

Unexpected Grace: Ancient Truths for Contemporary Women. Storyteller, Jennie Afman Dimkoff invites you to join her on a walk through ten intriguing stories from the Bible, the most life-changing book of all time. The ten-week study quide at the end of the book will take you into a deeper study of each story, and you will find yourself challenged and encouraged as you discover how God's "unexpected grace" can be experienced in your own life. Both books are ideal for either individual or group studies.  (This book is the paperback edition of Jennie's "More Night Whispers" hardcover book.)

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More Night Whispers

more night whisters

Finally! Two books for every woman who has struggled with guilt over NOT waking before dawn to spend time alone with God!  Jennie's book, Night Whispers, Bedtime Bible Stories for Women was released in 2002 and now the companion book, More Night Whispers... is about to be released by Revell, a division of The Baker Publishing Group.

Get cozy and allow yourself to be carried back in time with fellow night owl Jennie Dimkoff. Together you'll take a fresh look at stories in the Bible–stories that are as vibrant and exciting now as they were if you heard them in childhood, and even more relevant. They are timeless tales of faith, love and friendship.

More Night Whispers was released at CBA in Atlanta in June, 2004.

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Night Whispers

Night Whispers

Jennie's release, Night Whispers...Bedtime Bible Stories for Women is the perfect way to end the day. Read what others are saying about Night Whispers:

With her spellbinding storytelling, Dimkoff draws readers quickly into her stories, and then she explores Bible culture and daily life to demonstrate how the meaning relates to women today. By applying the story's purpose and meaning, she creatively uses these timeless tales of faith, love and friendship to reveal God's purpose for the reader's life. We've thumbed through a review copy and give it a thumbs up.
-Religion & Politics Digest, June 22, 2002

Get ready for some captivating late night reading! Night Whispers is a delightful, compelling must-read book for all women.
-Margaret Gibb, president, Women Alive, Canada

Jennie is a master storyteller, making you laugh and transporting you to the scene. She skillfully weaves stories from women today with the ancient biblical stories, making them live. A great book for your bedside and a wonderful book to give to other women.
-Dee Brestin, author, The Friendships of Women and Falling in Love with Jesus.

Relax, unwind and curl up with "Night Whispers", an inspiring collection of bedtime Bible stories written especially for today's woman. This evening devotional features dramatic retellings of ten Bible stories, as well as life-changing applications for women in all stages of life.
Life Way, July, 2002

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